Help Mosaic Health Better Serve its Patients

Mosaic Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit healthcare organization that operates community health centers across upstate New York. In our 25+ years in business, we have received a number of generous grants from federal, state, and private foundations. These have allowed us to offer the Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program to patients who qualify, as well as to initiate a variety of outreach and education programs. We also count on the generosity of individuals, families, corporations, and foundations to ensure our continued excellence in delivering family health care to our patients and to continue building healthy communities. Donors like you will help us further our mission and create a place of healing and hope for uninsured and underinsured people in your community.

Here are a few examples of where your money could go to support the health and welfare of uninsured individuals and families in your community (approximate out-of-pocket costs):

  • Pediatric teeth cleaning ($52)

  • Well child visit ($115)

  • Allergy testing ($10)

  • Flu shot ($35)

  • Annual physical for 18-39 year old ($160)

  • Annual physical for over 65 yrs ($200)

  • Primary Care office visit - established patient ($61 - $201)

  • Post ER follow-up ($100)

  • Translation services ($50/hr)

  • Year’s dental cleaning for a family of four ($500)

  • Dentures ($800 - $2500)

  • Rx Assistance - helping offset costs for prescriptions

  • Magazine subscriptions or children’s books for the waiting room ($10 - $20)

Mosaic Health will honor and protect your investment through our adherence to the nationally recognized Donor Bill of Rights. Contributions to Mosaic Health are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules.