Quality Improvements in Rushville and Utica

We have good news about the quality of care provided to patients in Utica and Rushville. With your help, on many measures our care is improving!

Each quarter, RPCN measures how well we are doing on key quality measures. At the end of the quarter we collect data on patients seen the previous 12 months or Trailing Year. Measurements are based upon “correct” documentation, defined as documentation done in a structured data field (not just typed into a note by someone) in the manner in which our reporting systems can “see” it; e.g. having the results of a FIT test contain the acronym “FIT” in it and the results entered into one of the yellow highlighted cells in the lab result screen.

RPCN recently took a snapshot of the percentage of our medical patients at Utica and Rushville who were receiving the services that the medical evidence says that they should be receiving. Because Ilion has not yet been open 12 months we could not take a snapshot of how well they are doing yet. The following two graphs show the results. You can see that for many measures we have improved. Over the next few weeks we will be drilling down to determine how well we might continue to improve on both the measures that we have increased as well as those that  still challenge us. As quality director I will gladly take any suggestions, nor matter how small they are, on how to do this: x7353 or mmilano@rpcn.org


Rachel Studley