Our Mission

The mission of Mosaic Health is to provide access to compassionate, individualized health care and wellness-related education for everyone, regardless of financial, cultural, or social barriers.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Mosaic Health to be the medical/dental home of choice in upstate New York and to create healthy communities in which health disparities are diminished and there is access to care for all.

Our Values

Mosaic Health…

  • Delivers quality care with dignity, equality, sensitivity, professionalism, and respect

  • Treat patients as we would want to be treated by medical and dental providers

  • Seeks new opportunities to develop innovative approaches to providing health care services

  • Maintains high ethical and professional standards

  • Practices continuous quality improvement

  • Operates cost effectively and efficiently

  • Provides a work environment conducive to positive attitudes, personal satisfaction and growth

  • Encourages teamwork, collaboration and effective communication

  • Holds employees accountable

See how Mosaic Health staff put the organization’s values into action.

Feeling better, and not so alone

Joe* was 26 and had no health insurance. While Joe had several health problems, he had little money and was embarrassed about his situation, so he did not get the help he needed. One day, Joe called a Mosaic Health center because he felt very sick. After a little effort, the staff convinced him to come in. During his appointment, Joe told his doctor about many of the personal and health-related issues that were affecting him. At one point Joe confessed, “I am afraid to be alive.”  What followed was a collaborative effort by Health Center staff to help Joe gain control of his health. Care Coordinators assisted Joe in filling out Mosaic Health’s Sliding Fee application while other staff gave Joe extra support, like providing reminders about having his blood drawn and his next appointment. Joe quickly began to take an active role in his own health once he became so hopeful about his situation. He says he feels better, and doesn’t feel so alone.

From uninsured to fully covered

Mary*, a college-educated sports trainer, reluctantly came in to the Health Center because she had a toothache. Mary didn’t have any health insurance and had never applied for publicly sponsored health insurance, such as Family Health Plus, because she didn’t think she would qualify. With Mosaic Health’s assistance, Mary filled out the Family Health Plus application and was approved. Mary was able to take care of her toothache and now sees the dentist regularly. She even comes to the Health Center for medical visits now, too.

Tears of joy: The journey from helpless to hopeful

John* was scheduled to see the Dental Hygienist for the first time. However, during the routine check of John’s vital signs, it was clear that he was very sick. John’s blood pressure was extremely high, his diabetes was uncontrolled, and his vision was failing. John told the Center staff that he did not have a regular doctor, and instead went to the emergency room every time he was out of insulin. John and his family felt alone and overwhelmed by his health issues. John was immediately scheduled for an appointment with the Health Center’s Care Coordinator. Together, they called his health insurance company and got him assigned to a doctor at the Center. The Care Coordinator also helped John read the information sent by the insurance company, and advocated on the family’s behalf. John and his mother were so grateful for the Health Center that they broke down crying. They had finally received the help they needed. 

*Personal information has been changed to protect patient confidentiality.  

Our staff gives back

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Utica CHC raised $50 for the YWCA of Mohawk Valley.

In November, 2012, all health centers held a food drive and stocked the shelves of local food banks with more than 1,300 pounds of food and toiletries.


Mosaic Health has reached the following milestones: 

  • 1960’s: Neighborhood Health Centers of Monroe County (NHCMC) opened its doors to serve the medically indigent across two locations

  • 1970: NHCMC received its first Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) grant

  • 1980: NHCMC was rebranded as the Rochester Health Network (RHN), and later the Rochester Primary Care Network

  • Early 1980s: RHN established a consumer-driven Board of Directors and received a Federal, Section 330, Community Health Center (CHC) grant funding.

  • 1985: The Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) required RHN to create a separate not-for-profit corporation to deal with the Section 330 grant program

  • 1987: Rochester Primary Care Network (RPCN) was incorporated and succeeded RHN as the Section 330 Grantee

  • 1990: Community Health Network (now ACHC), Clinton Family Health Center, Unity Family Medicine, Eastman Dental, and Rushville Community Health Center became members of RPCN.

  • 2010: RPCN became a recognized as an Article 28 Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, and opened directly-operated Centers in Utica, Mt. Morris, and Lyons, New York.

  • 2016: Rushville Community Health Center was renamed as Rushville Family Health Center and Valley Family Health Center was opened in Ilion, NY.

  • 2019 Mosaic Health incorporated as the new name for Regional Primary Care Network.

Accomplishments At-A-Glance

  • Became the organizational sponsor of a community-wide effort to address high rate of lead poisoning in children
  • Established the Affordable Health Line staffed by ViaHealth and Unity Health System call centers to help people living below 200% of the poverty
  • level who need affordable health services and/or insurance
  • Launched a state-wide Oral Health Technical Assistance Center
  • Worked with 12 pediatric and family practices, targeting inner city children ages 2-6, through the Children’s Primary Care Outreach Program
  • Sponsored Rochester’s first African American Health Fair in 2003 and again in 2004
  • Contracted with Preferred Care to create a health fair for Latinos in 2004
  • Funded the Ibero-American Action League for outreach to Latinos at risk for HIV
  • Affiliated centers participated in a:
    • Clinical Directors network-sponsored project to improve cardiovascular outcomes
    • Monroe Plan initiative to ensure follow up after hospitalization for mental health illnesses
  • Initiated a partnership with Abbott Laboratories to provide free glucometers and testing strips for uninsured diabetic patients
  • Introduced a diabetes education program at Utica CHC
  • Partnered with ProAction Inc. in Yates County for a senior center exercise program in Rushville
  • Mosaic Health directly operates five Community Health Centers:
    • Rushville Family Health Center
    • Utica Community Health Center
    • Wayne Community Health Center
    • Livingston Community Health Center
    • Valley Family Health Center
  • Mosaic Health operates a successful community dentistry program across eight counties: Chemung, Livingston, Ontario, Schuyler, Steuben, Wayne, Yates, and Oneida.
  • Includes 16 Community Health Center locations throughout the city of Rochester
    • 10 medical primary care sites
    • 1 dental center
    • 5 school-based health centers