UCHC Stocks Food Pantry Shelves

Utica Community Health Center’s (UCHC) parent organization, Regional Primary Care Network (RPCN), held a network-wide contest to provide the communities it serves with much needed food for the holiday season—and UCHC came out on top.

UCHC enlisted the help of its community partner, United Healthcare Community Program, to collect 1,022 pounds of food—the largest donation of all RPCN centers. These donations provided complete thanksgiving meals for 31 UCHC patients and the rest stocked the shelves of the Veteran’s Outreach Center food pantry. Also, because UCHC won the contest, it will receive an additional 51 pounds of food collected from its administrative location in Rochester, NY. These winnings will also be donated to the Veteran’s Outreach Center food pantry.

Rushville Community Health Center donated 67 pounds of food and toiletries to the Friendship House in Middlesex, NY, and Livingston Community Health Center collected 25 pounds to date and will continue collecting to provide Christmas dinners to Catholic Charities of Livingston County.

Andrew Soucier