Educates friends, family members and co-workers how to spot warning signs of a mental health issue and how they can speak up

ROCHESTER AND UTICA, NY – Behavioral and mental health issues have the potential to affect anyone at any time. Over the holidays and throughout the winter months, these issues can be more pronounced. However, the holiday season might also mean more time spent with friends and family, offering more opportunities to recognize that something might be going on.

Thanks to grant funds from United Health Foundation, Regional Primary Care Network (RPCN) has developed and implemented an integrated behavioral health program that increases behavioral health access at the Rushville Family Health Center.

As part of this grant, RPCN is launching a multi-media messaging campaign called #SpeakTheUnspeakable. The goals of the campaign are to help people recognize potential signs of behavioral or mental health issues in someone close to them, to begin a conversation, and connect them to support.

The campaign aims to educate community members on possible warning signs of a behavioral or mental health concern, such as a change in mood or behavior, increased substance use, and social withdrawal. The campaign’s website,, also provides tips on how to begin a conversation with someone they are concerned about. While a conversation is a good first step, the ultimate goal of the campaign is to inform the public that contacting their primary care provider can be a good first step in accessing the support behavioral and mental health supports they need.

“Behavioral and mental health should really be seen as part of our overall health which is why we’re encouraging people to discuss these with a primary care provider. More conversations at home and work are a great first step, but our hope is that it also results in more people tapping into the diverse care that’s available to them through their primary care provider,” explained Michael Leary, Chief Executive Officer at Regional Primary Care Network. Leary added, “RPCN is here to help if someone in need doesn’t have a primary care provider to turn to.”

The #SpeakTheUnspeakable campaign launches in mid-December and will run through the holiday season and into 2019. Community members will see the campaign out in the community, hear it on local radio stations, and experience it on social media.

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Rachel Studley